Meet Our Other Adventurers

See the world from the luxury of your condo on wheels.


jim green

I would like everyone to meet Jim Green.  Jim was a normal kid growing up.  He did what his parents told him to do; he went to school, got good grades, went to college - hoping it would get him a job he LOVED, and then he got a good corporate job and everyone applauded him. But Jim was never really happy.  What Jim really wanted was to go venture into the world and meet new people and see new places and experience new exciting things which he was not able to do from his cubicle.  So Jim QUIT!  Now Jim is hanging out with the OSV team and is rip roaring ready for the next adventure.  His friends call him Jimmy! 


Greta was once an explorer but had no guide in life, like a mountaineer without a sherpa. Her dear friend Sarah found her sad and alone and we helped give her a makeover (complete tear-down)! Now with multi-use storage/seating, and sneaky tables that pop out of no-where, she is ready for more adventures in the PNW and more!

Outdoor project

Follow Morgan Tashea on a 15,000 mile adventure through the western states! This econoline is her new mobile condo on wheels! #adventurelikeyougiveadamn #outdoorproject


Stealth Camper

This blue-stained pine interior with recessed downlights may look pretty on the inside, but the outside is a typical AWD work truck, the only giveaway is the OVP sticker on the side. See if you can spot it in Portland and Seattle!

Festival chaser

Emily drove this 2008 Ford Econoline up from LA so we could build it into a music festival machine! Look for it at Burning Man and other fistivals across the west!

IMG_3158 (1).JPG


Delilah is a 1990 Econoline that loves dogs and the snow. Follow @LuckyAlexandra


J-MAnake Boarding Van


Follow @JManake12


OVP Rig #2